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Call for Artists/RFQ: Original Art Installation

(Extended Deadline to November 30th, 2022)


‘Long Beach Senior’ 941 East Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Long Beach (CA)


Please Note: For Artists who have submitted by the original October 30th deadline, their application will be included for the December panel review. Thank you for your participation.

Background on Opportunity

Mercy Housing is redefining affordable, low-income housing. We are a national nonprofit organization that is working to build a more humane world where communities are healthy, and all people can develop their full potential.


As the nation’s largest affordable housing organization, we participate in the development, preservation, and management and/or financing of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. We acquire and renovate existing housing, as well as develop brand new affordable rental properties.


Sumako, a local arts consultant and curator, is working with Mercy Housing to select a local area artist(s) to create several original public art installations on the walls of their new Long Beach Senior development.




Area Description


In March 2022, Mercy Housing California (MHC) began construction on Long Beach Senior: new, high-quality affordable apartment homes for low-income seniors and senior veterans who have experienced homelessness. The development, which is located at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Long Beach, will serve qualified seniors, 55 and older, and include amenities such as a large open space courtyard and recreation area, an indoor lounge and community space, bike storage, onsite property management, Resident Services programming with dedicated staff to support seniors and senior veterans, and  3000 square feet of community-serving space on the ground floor. Integrated into the building design will be public art elements which reflect the rich history and culture of the neighborhood.



Public Artwork


As part of bringing original visual artwork to Long Beach Senior, Mercy Housing is seeking artists to design and install site specific, original artwork that is aligned with the aesthetics of the surrounding community’s current culture and rich history.


The themes being investigated in this project could be summed up as “celebrating the growing history of the community”, of community and culture coming together “to create a hopeful statement about our possibilities as a city.”


This is an opportunity to be dynamic, imaginative, and to test the limits of your creativity. Anything is possible. The ideal artwork is one that stands out graphically in BOLD and BRIGHT colors. Mercy Housing wishes to give artists as much freedom to create as possible but asks for the focus to be on positive imagery.  No artwork with social commentary or political or religious messaging will be accepted. We want to see a mix of many art types including, if possible, mixed media. From stenciling techniques to more colorful options, artists are encouraged to be inventive and surprise us all with something very special. 


Site Description


Mercy Housing is committed to enhancing Long Beach Senior by adding art features on the walls of the building. The artwork will be illuminated. These new public artworks will be visible to area residents and to the community at large. 


The community around Long Beach Senior has a rich history among the African American community, especially in music history. This was the location of the world-famous VIP Records which was a landmark for hip hop music and rap in the 80’s and 90’s. Over time, the social landscape has grown into a diverse inter-cultural community bringing together Cambodians, Latinos, African Americans, and others into a wonderful cohesive “melting pot” of inspiration. Since this will be a home to seniors (55 or older), it is important that your proposal be representative of the past, present, and possible future. Another element we have found important to community leaders in the area is that the art has bright and bold colors to help maintain a constant state of inspiration.


So how do YOU do it? How do you make a piece of artwork combining the rich music history for which the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Martin Luther King Junior was known, while representing intergenerational themes, and yet incorporating the interculturalism that continues to grow to this day? You, as the artist, will have that answer. We look forward to seeing your solution in your proposal. 


Please see the development website for more information:




There are 4 surfaces / walls measuring at and budgeted for:


48’-0”W x 12’-0”H - Budget $8955


28’-0”W x 34’-0”H - Budget $9990


25’-0”W X 34’-0”H - Budget $11385


25’-0”W x 34’-0”H - Budget $14745


-Please see elevations below-


Black and white elevations, set to scale, are included to overlay your designs in your preferred design software.




Eligibility is open to all professional, practicing artists of diverse backgrounds, including artists with disabilities, who reside in the City of Long Beach and surrounding areas. Entries not meeting eligibility guidelines will be withdrawn from consideration.


Scope of the Work


Sumako, in partnership with Mercy Housing, seeks to commission site-specific public artwork for ‘Long Beach Senior’.  To accomplish this goal, area artists are being invited to submit a site-specific design concept.  Each concept will be reviewed, and the concept and artist will be selected.


Artwork Budget


The budget for this project can be up to and no more than what is called out for each surface (per selected artist). See “Surfaces”. This includes design development, materials, fabrication, transportation (if required), and installation.  


Artist Responsibilities


An artist professional services contract will be written with the selected artist that will include a list of milestones, periodic payments, and timeline.  The artwork must be ready to be installed in November 2023.  Specific work will include the following tasks:


Gather relevant information about the physical, social, and cultural context of the project.


Attend project design team meetings, when necessary, to review all phases of the project.


Work in partnership with the consultant (Sumako) and construction site manager.


Work within the construction timeframe. Installation of the artwork will take place at a time convenient for all parties.


Designed artwork(s) must be durable, permanent, and low maintenance.


Prepare verbal, written, and visual presentation to show artwork proposal to Mercy Housing and other key stakeholders.  Presentation will include: 1) a written description of the content, scale, location, context, relationship of components, and materials of the proposed artwork(s); 2) materials (paint) samples; 3) depictions of the proposed artworks(s) in the form of to-scale drawings; 4)  proposed methods and color selection; 5) cost estimates for annual maintenance and operating expenses; and, 6) maintenance instructions.


Selected artists will be required to provide a W-9 and carry liability insurance.


Selected artist must be committed to starting the installation of the artwork on December 1st, 2023.




RFQ Phase

Artist RFQ Release 


Extended RFQ Release                       


RFQ submissions due         


Proposal Phase

Selected Artist RFP Release           


RFP submissions Due                    

Artist selection(s) Announced         


Contract Phase

Artist Contract                                    


Refined Concept Design               


Meeting Refined Design               


Installation Phase

Artist begins installation               


Artist completes installation         



Proposal Submission - What to Submit


Artist will submit digital copies of the following:


Letter of Interest


Submit your artist statement including a cover letter of interest and how you are the best fit for this project. Describe in complete detail your approach to the site-specific artwork – be sure to include details on the materials you propose to use, and the art process.




Include your resume or CV.  Include your public art experience detailing completed projects, locations, and two professional references, including telephone number and email address.




Include five to 5images of your past, large scale, mural/exterior public artwork in jpeg form.  Please indicate which are “current proposal” images and which are images of “past work”.  Images should be numbered. Jpegs should be formatted to 300 dpi and approximately 4”x 6” image size.



How to Submit


Digital submission: Fill out the application

Required documents should be PDF format and required images should be in jpeg format as detailed above. Please complete  this application no later than Sunday 11:30pm, October 30th 2022.


Email submission: If email is easier than the application process then please submit your Letter of interest/artist statement, CV/Resume and 5 images to

Important: for your Letter of Interest, please refer to the application for notes on what needs to be included in your letter.

Required documents should be PDF format and required images should be in jpeg format as detailed above. Please reference Mercy RFQ in the subject line of your email. Email your submissions no later than Sunday 11:30pm, October 30th 2022.


There is no need to do the application and email your submission. You are given the choice to either/or.


Questions? Send inquiries to and reference ‘Call for Artist’ in the subject line.


Thank you for your interest in this unique and important project for Long Beach Senior, 941 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach.

Oct. 2022

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Nov. 30th, 2022 at 11:30 PM



Dec. 7th, 2022

Jan. 4th, 2023 at 11:30 PM

Jan. 20th, 2023

Jan. 2023

Jan./Feb. 2023

Oct. 2023


Dec. 1st, 2023

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